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excuse me but wtf r we doin's Journal
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Wednesday, April 11th, 2007
11:00 pm
Travel Between
Alright, here is one thing I've found!


Apparently its about 800 for a round trip, so that would be about 200 for each of us, but again thats only if we wanna do somethin like that.
10:03 pm
Stuff and Things!
Here we go freaks. XD When I'm getting in and leaving!

I'll arrive at HNL at 8:30 PM

I'm leavin at ...8:30 PM! Arn't I awsome, less stuff to rember!

And tonight I'll look up and see just what it would cost to take a trip to other islands!
10:49 am
Packing list!
This is more a suggestion list, actually, but here are notable things I know /I/ am packing!

- Walking/hiking shoes
- 2 bathing suits
- 1 hoodie/jacket (It does rain in Hawaii, the weather can be weird D: )
- 'nice outfit' (because the bar downstairs has a dresscode, as do some restaurants)
- Laundry bag (because I am not packing 10 days worth of clothing!)
- Beach bag (for towels and junk!)
- Camera (duh!!)
- 2 beach/pool towels (our hotel towels will be sacred D: )
- Laptop (because I'll need to stay in contact with some people at times)

Anyone else got suggestions? Also don't forget to leave some space for what you will be bringing back!!

Also, I suggest a visit to the concierge as soon as we get there to start looking at brochures. Whee!
Tuesday, March 27th, 2007
5:20 pm
Heads up!
Just so people know, dizziness won't be with us for the full ten days due to work scheduling, but she'll be there I think 6 days? And our room cost won't change.

Any more ideas on what we want to do?

I bought a new bathing suit! :D

Current Mood: accomplished
Wednesday, March 7th, 2007
12:59 am
Yay I posted here, I'm sMrt. Now answer the question!
So I've booked my airplane ticket and did that con reg for Kawaii con. I'm at the point of no return and I have all the necessary days off from work. Now after browsing a map of the island (and still trying to compile a list of places I want to go) and checking the calender dates we have. I want to throw out a couple things here.

First off, while Honolulu offers a lot to do, there is a lot of neat stuff all over Oahu, and that requires a car. I've cross checked a few sites including Priceline and so far Alamo rentals gives the best rates without discounts. So, I guess the question is:

A.) Do we all agree that we should rent a car for part of our trip?

B.) If yes, do any of you have any discounts/upgrade coupons lying around or no someone who has such things?

C.) Also if yes, what days would we rent the car for.

As for me, I think at least 1 or 2 days would be fun for renting a car. So far I see Alamo has Full size cars (meaning it has enough to hold all 5 of us + trunk space, we all couldn't fit in economy, and it'd be cramped for Standard) for about $30 a day. So since the con itself starts Friday the 27th, maybe we could rent Tuesday-Thursday. All fees and everything combined I be we'll pay about $100 to $120 for all 3 days if we reserve in advance. and if we split up the cost, it isn't too much extra.

This is just my take on it though. Let me know what you guys think about this idea and everything, and post any better rates that you might know of.

Also, a friend recommended I try this restaurant out for lunch or dinner. Its fusion and classic Italian food, and the whole place is done up like the Sistine Chapel, its supposed to be a fun place to eat at. It might be pricier than you guys want to pay and I know we all didn't travel to Hawaii to eat Italian ^^; but I was told the food is really good. So I'm gonna give it a go at some point, and I'd love to have some company if any of you are down for it. http://www.cafesistina.com/

So um, thats all I can think of for now.

Um... ^^; I just saw this too. http://www.samchoy.com/restaurants_dh_menu_brunchs.html

Sam Choy's! This one is the fancy white table cloth restaurant he has, but it seems they do an awesome brunch buffet. $27 a person but ... just look at its set up. btw the poke (poh-keh) bar is sashimi Hawaiian style.

but if I dont get to do that I want to at least try his family restaurant http://www.samchoy.com/restaurants_bigaloha.html This is the place with all the Spam on the menu XD

I keep posting restaurants ^^;; ah well. I'm sure I'll find a few activities besides eating, if I try harder

Current Mood: contemplative
Sunday, March 4th, 2007
11:17 pm
Testing Testing
Holy crap! This thing works! SO AWSOME...or something. Arn't ya suprised? Now ya can stop bugging me about it Shad! ...though I know you won't. NOT UNTIL I SICK MY ARMY OF EXPLODING SHEEP UPON THEE! BAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHA!

Or somethin...

Anyway! Yes. Its me! It works! And I wanna do stuff that I shall post...eventually.

<333333333333 you all
8:07 pm
Hotel info!
Okay, here's our hotel info!

Ala Moana Hotel
410 Atkinson Drrive
Honolulu, Hawaii 96814

(808) 955-4811

Arrival Date: 4/20/07

Departure Date: 4/30/07

Names on hotel list:


I don't remember my arrival time at the airport, but when I track that down I'll post an entry with that too, so if people arrive close to each other we can get a shuttle or a cab together.

Check the first entry of this community for comments on what we want to do! Also, if you have something you wanted to do that you may be doing alone (such as dizziness visiting a friend for a day) make note of that too!
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